Friday, April 10, 2009

Snowboard Nationals Update

Hey everybody, as many of you know I have been slightly less active this past week because I have been in Colorado for Snowboard National Championships. I just wanted to give everyone an update.

I competed in slopestyle (jumps and rails) on Monday and placed 16th. This is the lowest I have ever placed in slopestyle before and this is because I fell both runs. I landed my run in practice, and basically if I had landed I would have podiumed. Oh well it was still really fun and I was one of the few girls to hit the big 60 foot jumps so I'm still excited.

I also competed in halfpipe today where I placed 12th. This is actually the highest I have ever placed in halfpipe. I don't get to ride halfpipe very often because our mountain has pretty crazy weather and the terrain park staff don't usually maintain it. I had a pretty great run and aired about two feet out of the pipe consecutively which I am really excited about. I felt a little ripped off but snowboarding is a judged event so everything should be taken with a grain of salt.
Overall I had a great week, I stayed at one of my best friend's condo for a few days which was great because she lives in Aspen, Colorado so I rarely get to see her. I also got a prom dress yay!! It is super beautiful I can't wait to wear it!!!

Right now I only have one picture of myself riding and a few just from throughout the week to post because the professional pictures aren't up yet, so I will post the rest sometime next week.
Tomorrow is the beginning of our 24 hour drive home, but hopefully I will post a review at night from the hotel.


  1. Ooh, are those pictures of your friends? And can we see a picture of your prom dress? Haha

  2. Sorry you fell. I know you must be disapointed. But glad you had fun anyway!

  3. A chick dropped off something w/ the bunny @