Monday, February 2, 2009

Interested in a book swap?

Okay so since I had all of my money stolen last week and the grand total in my bank account is now $28 I have to resort to book trading (which is actually pretty cool). If anyone is interested in doing so please let me know! I have about 30 different books in great condition that I have bought in the past month alone that I would be willing to trade for another book.

If you are interested in any of the books I have reviewed or are pending review and have a book on my wishlist, please e-mail me!

I am also recieving a shipment of ARCs this week so if you have a book on my wishlist and you are looking for a particular book from Penguin, I might have it!

I may also be looking to ship internationally, depending on the number of books.



  1. What books do you have? I'm always up for a swap (I don't have copies of DEAD GIRL DANCING yet though...but hope to in a few weeks).

  2. oh there are bunches of books from penquin that I want to read.