Friday, February 27, 2009

Vote for my vampire poll!

I have a new poll on my sidebar. Since I'm so obsessed with all things vampire, I have a vampire based poll. Be sure to vote! Also, I may be having a special vampire surprise coming soon! You just have to keep checking back. :D

Anyways, be sure to vote because I am very curious whick vampire books all bloggers enjoy. I think that us bloggers who read more books than most have more knowledge about vampires than just Twilight, so I'm really curious if Twilight is as trendy in the blog world as it is in the rest of the world.

I personally am a HUGE Vampire Academy fan! For all you other VA fans I heard that the cover of Blood Promise is really cool! I can't wait until its graphic is released! Actually, I just can't wait until the book its self is released this late summer/fall!

Okay enough rambling from me. Vote vote vote!!!


  1. It's hard to vote for me because I have yet to start many of these series. I know shame on me! I do enjoy the House of Night very much so that would be my vote, but it's a bit swayed since I don't know the others =(

  2. Since Twilight is the only vampire series I've read, that's what I voted for.

  3. Dude, is it bad that the only series in that poll I've read is Twilight and I'd rather set my toes on fire than vote for it? I've heard good things about the House of Night series so I'm looking forward to reading that.

    I've read the first three books of the Cirque du Freak series which *no one* is talking about and I don't know why. Darren Shan is an author not afraid to torture his characters and it rocks!

  4. I've actually only read one vampire book, Sucks to Be Me (loved it BTW), and it's not up there, so I didn't vote...but I'm looking forward to reading Twilight and Blue Bloods, they both look amazing!

    I also nominated you for a blog award because your blog is fabulous! (:

  5. Yay thanks so much Bookworm! And also I decided to only put series on the poll instead because there are so many vampire books out there with only one book. The list would be miles long, ha.

    Donna- House of Night is really fun, I have reviewed them so maybe take a look at my reviews if you want. I can't wait for Hunted!